Notes and learnings by bolmaster2

About this page

First of all, I want this to be an unpretentious place where it's no pressure on the quality of the content. I just start to get so old that I need to document my learnings to be able to remember them. So that's my excuse of writing shitty content 😎. Some posts will just be small notes of some command. Something like:

Omg, I can just write echo "Hello world" in bash and I just created one of the shortest hello world programs!!!

As you've probably guessed this will mostly be about technical subjects, like programming and internet and similar things. In the future I would like to be able to write about other subjects too. But I think it's hard to mix.

About me

My name is Joel Larsson aka bolmaster2 and I'm a web developer that have worked with various languages for the last 10 years or so. Recent years I've focused mostly on ruby and javascript. I've also started to be more interested in the techniques that actually powers the web, HTTP and such.


If you have any feedback or you want to say something else, send me a tweet.