Notes and learnings 👩‍💻 by bolmaster2

About this page

First of all, I want this to be an unpretentious place where it's no pressure on the quality of the content. I just start to get so old that I need to document my learnings to be able to remember them. So that's my excuse of writing shitty content 😎. Some posts will just be small notes of some command. Something like:

Omg, I can just write echo "Hello world" in bash and I just created one of the shortest hello world programs!!!

As you've probably guessed this will mostly be about technical subjects, like programming and internet and similar things. In the future I would like to be able to write about other subjects too. But I think it's hard to mix.

About me

My name is Joel Larsson, aka bolmaster2, and I'm (mostly) a web developer. I enjoy various techniques and have worked both as a frontend and a backend developer. I started my professional career around 2009 after graduating Hyper Island. Since then I've realised that the internet business has a lot to offer. Like an ever lasting learning experience, which I think is really fun. There's always something new, or old, to learn.


If you have something on your mind, send me a tweet. If it's private, send me an email. Encrypt with my PGP key if it's sensitive.